Why you should never trust a blind man with your keys

This is not a real story, but I will tell you one that you should always check.

I’m going to be brutally honest here: I have a blind friend who has no idea how to use a computer, let alone a smart phone.

He’s always had to find his way around the house, and I know he doesn’t know how to do the same.

He has no interest in learning how to read the internet, and has always had a hard time using the internet. 

I used to take him to the library when he was younger and he always made me laugh when I saw the books he had been reading. 

But when he had to read a book, he could barely read it.

So I used to say to him, “You need to learn how to make a phone call.”

It was only when he asked a few questions that I realised that he had no idea what a phone line was.

I asked him, “How long do you think it would take to make the call?” 

He responded, “I’m a little over six hours.”

I said, “Do you know how long you are supposed to be at school?” 

“Oh, yeah, that’s easy,” he said. 

He was right. 

At least he didn’t try to trick me. 

His school year was one of the most amazing years of my life, and for the first time I actually started to learn about technology.

I was able to go to a computer science conference, and after a few minutes of discussion, I realised I had a good idea of how computers work.

I decided to spend the rest of my year reading a lot about computers, so that I could learn more about them. 

Then I met my blind friend. 

The next year, I was at the same conference, but at a different conference. 

We got to talking about how I wanted to get a job in a tech company, and he said, ‘Oh, I don’t want to do that.

I’m too busy studying for my computer science degree.

I want to be an actor or a musician or a model or whatever it is you want to work in.’ 

I was like, ‘What?

What’s the difference between studying for a degree and acting?’ 

He replied, ‘”It’s the money,”‘ he said.”‘


I said.

He said, ‘Well, I’m not getting any money, so I have to study for a computer degree.'” 

I couldn’t believe it. 

“But if I don`t study for computer degree, I`ll never have a job, I thought to myself. 

And then I realised how stupid I was. 

What if I were to go on to study in a computer engineering program and then I would get a contract and then no one would hire me? 

I had to do something. 

‘But what if I can`ve done this and now I`ve got a computer? “

I`m going to study computer science, but the other way around.” 

‘But what if I can`ve done this and now I`ve got a computer?

I don t know how I`d do it, so what am I going to do?’ 

“Well, you don`T want to go there,” he replied.

“It`s a little dangerous.” 

So, I decided to study to be a software engineer. 

After a couple of years of studying, we were finally able to get an interview with a company that was looking for a software developer. 

It turned out that I was a very good candidate. 

 It`ll be a long time before I get another job, but I`m glad I chose to study and I`re going to learn a lot more about computers. 

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