Why blind fire and deer blinds are the answer to saving Australia’s endangered animals

The Turnbull government is looking to ban the sale of blind fire pits in the northern states.

Key points:It is the first time a major party has proposed a ban on blind fire pit salesNorthern Territory Chief Minister Adam Giles said the plan is an “important step” in the battle against the bushfiresIn his statement on Monday, Mr Giles said: “The introduction of blind-fire bans across northern Australia will help save our endangered animals and will reduce the risks of bushfire in the state.”

The proposal to ban blind fire sales in the Northern Territory is an important step in the fight against the severe bushfire conditions and to protect the unique landscape in which we live.””

This is an opportunity to ensure that our state is well-equipped to manage the bushfire threat in the coming months.”‘

It’s a bit like taking out a gun to your face’The NT chief minister said he expected the ban to be in place by the end of the year.”

It’s not a quick solution, it’s a lot of work,” he said.”

We’ve got to be a bit more careful and see how we can work through this process to find a solution that will work.

“The NT’s minister for environment, forests and climate change, Dave Archibald, said he was not sure what was behind the proposal.”

I can’t say exactly what’s behind it, but it’s an important piece of legislation,” he told ABC Radio NT.”

But I’m sure the chief minister will know what he’s doing.