Which Blinds Are You Looking At Right Now?

Banks Blinds installation in a building in the centre of London has received a mixed reception from the public and is currently undergoing repairs.

The Blinds are a simple blinds installation designed by London-based firm Blinds in London, which uses blinds on each side of the facade to allow visitors to enter the building from different sides.

The installation was installed last year at the Old Vic in London and is now being renovated.

“The blinds are beautiful, they’re made of a transparent material and they have a bit of a twist.

I think it’s very stylish and it makes it look like a gallery,” Blinds owner Mark McInerney told the BBC.”

We’ve got a bit more space in the building and there are plenty of people who can use the space.”

I’ve heard people say, ‘oh it’s really good, it’s a bit too tall’, but it’s not too high.

I just think it fits the space.

“The installation is part of the London Eye project to raise awareness of the city’s lack of accessibility.”

It’s a fantastic project,” Blinders co-founder and CEO Mark Mcinerney said.”

This is an incredibly unique project that is actually creating some fantastic things for people in the city.

“The project, which is the brainchild of Blinds, has been a hit with London’s disabled community, who have welcomed the addition of a feature like this.”

People can come and use the facilities and see the building up close.

It’s an incredible thing,” Blinded London resident Sarah Moles told the Evening Standard.”

That’s what makes it so exciting for people to come in and see it.