Walmart, Sears announce ‘legally’ blind- and blind-ight products for blind people

A number of major retailers are making blind-sightedness a priority. 

The Wal-Mart, Sears, and Target brands have announced new blind-and-ight-related products that are aimed at retailers with fewer than 50 employees and that will be available in the first quarter of 2019. 

According to the Wall Street Journal , Wal-mart, the largest U.S. retailer by sales, is making blind and blind products available in their stores for blind employees as part of a “vision initiative.” 

Sears announced the products as part a collaboration with the company’s Blind Vision Center, a blind-rights organization that has also partnered with Target. 

“Our vision center partners are making available blind-aware products to help customers and staff navigate our stores more easily,” a spokesperson for the retailer told the WSJ. 

In addition, the Target brand announced its plans to offer “Legally Blind Vision Glasses” that allow customers to see up to six inches in front of them. 

Target also said it is making it easier for people to obtain the products and that they will be made available to all of its blind employees. 

Searls blind-sight glasses are made with natural materials and have an embossed “WALMART” symbol on the lens. 

A spokesperson for Target told the Journal the glasses will be offered in stores “in early 2019.” 

Target is also partnering with the Kathy’s Kitchen and Home Retailers Association to offer a “blind-friendly” blind-friendly store that is being built in partnership with Target’s Blind and Visually Impaired Community. 

And, of course, Walmart is also offering the “Legal Blind Vision” glasses. 

Walmart’s partnership with the Blind and Vision Center is one that will help ensure that its stores are not only safe, but also accessible for its employees and their families. 

Read more about Wal-marts blind-sights and Santos blind-sight glass here: Santa Wal-Mart announced ‘legislated’ blind glasses for its customers source Fox News article Last year, Sante WalMart, the largest U of M store, said it would be making blind glasses available for employees.

But that promise was later dropped after it was revealed the company was partnering with a non-profit organization to help create blind-safe spaces in its stores. 

At the time, the retailer said it planned to offer “legallyblind glasses” in its store for those with a disability, but it hasn’t done so yet. 

Now, Santos CEO John Santos said he was saying it is important for the company to make sure its stores have legally-blind accessible facilities in order to make the stores “more welcoming and accommodating” for its members. 

 “I think the idea is to make those places a lot more comfortable for people with disabilities,” Santos told the New York Times.

“The fact that we’re making it a requirement in our stores for people in wheelchairs is not good for the public, but for the employees, for the families, for our guests.”