This Blind Guy Was Blind Until He Was 30: An Interview with the Man Who Was Blind for 30 Years

Posted November 12, 2018 12:04:11 I had a few people ask me how I got to be a blind person.

I didn’t know what it was about being blind that attracted me to it.

I was born blind, but I’m not sure how I knew that until I was 30.

My parents were both blind and both had to work long hours to keep their jobs.

So, it was kind of like a burden on my parents to keep up with the work they had to do, and I didn’t really know what I was doing.

When I was 20, I decided to go to the local movie theater to see a movie, and the person behind the counter at the bar told me that I could go see the movie.

He asked me what I wanted to see, and then I just kept going.

I think I ended up watching all three of the films I wanted.

There were a couple of movies where I just wanted to watch a blind girl.

I didn`t even know that she was blind.

That was a little scary, but when I got home, I was like, “This is it.

This is what I have been waiting for my entire life.”

I ended up going to the movies with my family, and there was a couple people who were like, What`s up with you?

I was so confused, because I just hadn`t really met anyone who was blind in the theater before.

They were just like, Why don`t you come out and have a drink with us?

I had never met a blind man.

I went to a couple parties, and they just were just so friendly and welcoming.

It was a really strange experience.

At the time, I wasn`t a big movie fan, and it was a lot of people who thought I was a dumb person for even thinking about it.

After I went in, I ended the night with some friends who were just friends, and after I finished, they said, “I hope you don`ve ever seen a movie with a blind actress.

You could have been blind for a long time.”

When we were out, we had a really good time, and everyone just took us under their wing.

They gave us free drinks and just treated us like family.

I ended that night up going out with the people I had met in the bar, and we started to really fall in love.

Then, I met someone else who was a blind actor, and that made me realize I was in love with someone else.

This Blind Guy Is Blind Until he Is 30: The Interview with an Autobiography of a Blind Man, by the Autobiographer, with photographs by the author.

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