The ‘Window Blind’ Amazon Instant Video app is a bit of a joke

When I first opened up the new Amazon Instant video app last month, I was quite intrigued by the feature.

After all, I had seen the video feature in a number of different apps, and it seemed like a neat idea.

I quickly checked out the app and found it very simple to use, and quite handy to quickly find a movie or TV show that I wanted to watch.

I was very impressed by the simplicity of the app, and was even more impressed with the fact that it offered so many ways to watch and discover new movies and TV shows.

However, as with many apps I’ve tried in the past, the feature itself felt quite gimmicky.

The app had one major issue, however: there was no way to view your movie and TV show collection from within the app.

The best part is that you can do that from the Settings app, which opens in the upper right corner.

This app is also available for free on the Apple App Store.

This makes the Instant Video feature a perfect example of why you should only use apps from the Amazon Appstore if they support the feature that you want.

It’s easy to see why: this app only supports one feature at a time, and so it’s really easy to switch to another app without even opening up the app itself.

It also helps that the Instant video feature is so simple to understand and use, so it doesn’t take long for people to understand how to use it.

However if you have a bigger collection of videos or shows that you’ve not used before, the Instant videos feature can be a little difficult to use.

The feature requires you to set up the Instant Watch list, which allows you to watch a movie from a specific point in time, or watch a specific series from a particular series.

Once you’ve set this up, you can use the app to find movies and shows you want to watch, or you can also add specific channels to your Instant Watch List to watch from that specific channel.

When you add a movie, show, or channel to your list, you’ll be able to see the list of movies and channels that have the video.

If you’ve previously watched a video or show from the app or in the Settings screen, you will still be able scroll to the bottom of the list to see your list of recent video and show content.

Once the list is complete, you simply swipe to the left to show the list, and then you can click the “Show” icon to watch the video or series.

In the above example, I’ve added a video I watched recently, but you can add any other video or program to your watch list from the Quick Menu.

You can also search for a specific video or TV series in the Instant Videos app.

Once I’ve watched a movie that I want to add to my list, I simply select the video from the Instant Streams app, click the Play button to start watching, and the video will be automatically added to my watch list.

Once your watchlist is complete and you’ve added the video to your playlist, you just need to scroll to see it.

You’ll be presented with a list of available movies and show options, and you can select one of those options to watch on that specific show.

There are also options to view a specific movie in your library, so you can see how many shows have the specific title.

Finally, you’re able to choose a specific time frame in which to watch this specific episode, and when you scroll to that particular time, you should be able see the episode’s title.

This can be very useful, because you can always choose to watch that particular episode in the middle of the day and then decide to go back to sleep for the next day.

It really is a great feature, and I really wish that Amazon had added it for its Instant video service.

The main issue that I had with the InstantVideo feature is that it’s quite limited.

The most interesting feature that it offers is the ability to create an Instant Watchlist.

This feature allows you the option to add up to five separate InstantWatch lists to your Quick Menu, and they are shown on the left side of the Quick Settings screen.

You just need one list of the five lists that you’d like to add, and a number between five and ten.

For example, if I wanted a list that contained five movies, and also included shows from a series, I would simply select that list and add a second list.

That list would then be expanded to include shows from the series, and if I added another list of shows, the second list would also expand to include all the shows in the series.

You simply add the five or ten list, scroll to your desired list, add a watchlist for the movie or show, and hit the Watch button.

After that, the list will automatically expand to show you all