The blind willie Mctell’s ‘dramatic and touching’ video for his song ‘We’re Going Down’

We’re Going down…

We’re Coming Down…

We’re Coming down…

We’ve been waiting for you and you’re coming.

We’re going down.

That’s the chorus from Blind Willie Mckll’s latest hit, We’re Goin Down.

“I’m still on a roll,” Mcklla said of the track.

“I’m really excited.

I feel so fortunate to have this opportunity.

I’ve been working on it for a long time and I feel like it’s finally come.”

Mckll said he and his bandmates, including fellow singer, songwriter and keyboardist Willie “Sugar” Martin, had been “trying to make the song more accessible” since they were in their early teens.

“The lyrics are simple, I guess,” Mctll said.

Mctll is known for his music, and his latest song, ‘We Are Going Down’, was released in early 2017.

He has also been making guest appearances at music festivals, such as Coachella and Lollapalooza.

A friend recently sent him a link to the song, and Mckell was excited to hear it.

“I felt so bad for them because they don’t have the same experience as me and they don, too,” Mcll said of his friend.

“It was really touching, I didn’t think I would hear someone singing the lyrics, I was thinking it was a guy in a band, a big band.”

“We’re coming down” He is now working on a new song, which will be released in October.

“That song was inspired by a really important piece of music called the song ‘I’m Going Down’,” Mckllo said.

We’ll probably get this out later in the year. “

This song is just about being a man, and being a part of something bigger.”

We’ll probably get this out later in the year.

“We’re still trying to make it more accessible, more accessible for people to see it.

We just wanted to make sure we’re putting it out there for people who are into music and just wanted people to know it’s not just a song.

I think it’s a really moving song, really moving.”

It is unclear what Mckltis next project will be, but he is currently in the process of writing a song for a TV show.

“My goal is to get this song out in time for Christmas,” he said.

“So that we could just have a Christmas with this song on and then a new one, and then I’d be done.”

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