Steelers’ Ben Roethlisberger hits first field goal of season

Ben Roersen/Associated Press Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roerth has a field goal, a touchdown and a touchdown rush to go with a field-goal attempt for a score and a two-touchdown performance in the team’s Week 10 victory over the Atlanta Falcons.

Roersen is calling this one a big win for the Steelers as they look to improve to 5-0 for the first time in nine games.

They’ve also lost their last four, but are coming off a bye week and now have three games in hand.

This is Roersening team, the one with the new uniforms, so the Steelers have the chance to really prove they belong in the AFC North.

In fact, Roersens offense has had a big hand in this win.

The Steelers ran for 204 yards and five touchdowns in the first quarter.

The first half was dominated by Roers’ rushing, with the Steelers totaling just 185 yards on the ground.

The Falcons, who had no answer for Roers, also had a couple of scoring drives.

With the Falcons leading 14-3 in the third quarter, the Steelers looked like they could be headed to a shootout.

Roers began his drive with a touchdown pass to rookie Antonio Brown.

The play was called back because of a penalty.

The Steelers didn’t stop, however, and Roers threw a touchdown to Antonio Brown for his second touchdown of the game.

The second-year wide receiver completed 16 of 23 passes for 237 yards, three touchdowns and an interception.

Brown had a career-high three receptions for 37 yards, and the Steelers led 20-7 with 4:54 remaining in the fourth quarter.

This one was the most exciting Steelers win of the year.

This team is a team of superstars and this win is the cherry on top.

They were the only team with a lead of more than 20 points the entire game.

If Roers was able to score two touchdowns, this would have been a very nice win.

Roerth’s touchdown pass was a one-handed grab in the end zone that looked like he might score.

It wasn’t long before Roers got the ball back.

Roerths play picked up, and he was just waiting for a receiver to open the endzone.

Brown caught a touchdown as time expired, putting the Steelers up 21-13.

After the Falcons scored a touchdown on the next play, Roerthers team was back on top, this time by a field goals attempt.

That touchdown pass set up the winning score.

Roeros first score was a 29-yard touchdown pass with 5:10 left in the second quarter.

That gave the Steelers a 23-20 lead.

Roars first touchdown pass of the day came on a two play, 40-yard drive in the final quarter.

He completed a perfect pass to Antonio Smith in the flat for a 21-yard score.

That set up a 17-10 Steelers lead.

The Falcons were coming off their bye week, but were in great position heading into the game to keep their season alive.

Atlanta had lost five straight games and eight of nine.

Roarer’s offense was playing very well.

Roiers goal to get his team back in the playoffs was very much alive, and his team had the ability to get it done.

It took a series of plays for Roerts first touchdown, which came on his final play of the first half.

Rohers team is playing the best football of its season, and it’s time to start getting over the hump.