Italian singer loses $30k over low-cost, cotton blinds

An Italian singer is suing a low-priced, cotton-free blinds brand over accusations she had sold counterfeit goods.

Rui C. Di Cunha, a singer and actor known for his role in the Italian TV show “Il Fatto Quattro,” filed a lawsuit Monday in Milan against HomeSense, which he says he purchased a blinds package in Italy in 2015.

Di Cunhas claim that HomeSense made false statements in a document listing his goods.

In the document, HomeSense states that he purchased these blinds with the sole intent to sell them for resale, but HomeSense said the product had no such intent, according to court documents.

HomeSense denies the allegations.

Di Caro said he has had trouble with HomeSense for years and that he had paid $25,000 for the blinds and that they were never given to him, according.

Di Carrone also said he had bought a blind with HomeSens in 2014 and had to pay $30,000 in order to resell the blind, which has since been sold, according the lawsuit.

The Italian singer said the blind he purchased was “not a product that I intended to sell” and that the HomeSense blinds he bought were “not of my quality.”

HomeSense responded by saying that the company “has no information regarding this lawsuit,” according to the court documents, which were obtained by The Associated Press.

Di Caro, whose real name is Raffaele Di Carpino, is also suing HomeSense over claims that he was misled by HomeSense in the form of false advertising and misrepresentations in his contract with the company.

HomeSense has denied the claims, according it.

Di Carrone is currently on the U.S. version of the show “The Voice,” and his current show is slated to air in 2017.

The suit does not name the companies alleged supplier, and the suit does mention Di Carol’s name, which is a trademark for the Italian brand HomeSense.