Hunter Douglass and Barron Stokes were blind mice in the movie ‘Outdoor Blinds’

A blind mouse in the 1977 film Outdoor Blindness.

Hunter Douglasses was a blind film director who died in 2005.

Outdoors blindness was the inspiration for the 1987 film Outdoors Blinds.

Outdoors Blindness (1977) Outdoor blindness is a movie based on Dougloses book, Outdoors.

Douglos book Outdoors is based on the life of Douglass, who was blind from birth and suffered from vision loss due to a congenital form of retinopathy.

In Outdoors, Douglaws family is forced to relocate to New Jersey when his mother is infected with a form of the virus that causes blindness in about 20% of the population.

The movie was directed by John Waters and stars Jackie Chan, James Gandolfini, and Sam Elliott as Douglasties family.

It was written and produced by Richard Linklater, who has said he was inspired by Douglasts experience.

The film has spawned several sequels, including Outdoors Trilogy and Outdoors 4.

 The film is also based on a true story that was inspired in part by Douglas family experience. 

In a 2007 interview with The New York Times, Douglas said that the movie was a way to get away from the reality of the real world.

“I just had a moment of clarity, and it was an epiphany,” Douglas told the newspaper.

“I realized, this is what I love most about my life, this was a gift to me.

This was something I never would have had if I wasn’t blind.”

 In Outdoor, Douglass was inspired to write the screenplay and directed the film, which was nominated for an Oscar for best picture.

The film received widespread critical acclaim, earning an 88% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The film was nominated in 2009 for a Best Director Oscar.