How to use the new Chrome app for Chrome to check if you’re a Flash-capable person

How to check whether you’re Flash-enabled by checking the “Flash compatibility” setting in Chrome.

This is very similar to the way that you’d check whether your device is running a browser that supports HTML5 (or if you have a Chromium extension that allows you to do so).

Chrome lets you do this by visiting a webpage and tapping on the “check for Flash” icon in the upper right corner.

You can then see a pop-up that shows the status of your browser and your Flash preferences.

In most cases, you’ll see the following message: Flash compatibility is enabled in your browser.

However, if you want to see the full list of supported browsers and extensions, you can head to Chrome’s Developer Console.

To get started, head to the developer console and tap on “Flash support”.

On the next screen, select “Flash for Chrome” and you’ll be taken to the “Get Flash compatibility” page.

Here, you should see a list of “Flash compatible” browsers, extensions and mobile apps that you can install.

Chrome offers a list here that you’ll use to determine whether or not you’re using Flash.

Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to check to see if you need to upgrade your browser to get Flash compatibility.

Once installed, your browser should now be Flash-compatible.

If you want, you could disable the “Show Flash compatibility settings” checkbox to enable the Flash checkbox in the developer settings, or you could check the “Disable Flash compatibility options” box to remove the Flash compatibility checkbox from the developer’s settings.

If the Flash support checkbox is enabled, you need only check the box that says “Enable Flash compatibility”.

If you need more information, see the developer documentation for your browser’s browser settings.

To update to a newer version of Chrome, simply visit the Chrome Web Store and install the new version of the Chrome app.

It’s not as easy as just copying and pasting the code, but it’s still a relatively simple process.