How to make a blind brother proud

Two blind brothers from Minnesota have made their own mark on the world of fashion and they’ve managed to make it both stylish and inspirational.

On Saturday night, two blind men were spotted hanging out at the “Mixed-Up” fashion show in London’s West End.

Their appearance at the show sparked controversy after a number of people on social media took issue with their choice of attire.

“They were dressed as blind brothers but there were two of them,” one person tweeted.

“[The photographer] couldn’t tell them apart because they’re both blind and he thought it was hilarious that they were hanging out together in a public place and that they had two different identities.”

The brothers were spotted by a photographer working on a fashion show for a film called Mixed-Up.

The pair posed for a photograph with a friend wearing a pair of matching trousers.

It was a shot that many have said would have gone down well on Instagram.

“They’re the most beautiful brothers in the world,” one Twitter user wrote.

“I love the fact that these guys are able to make something beautiful and inspiring out of what is, by far, the most hideous clothing on the planet.”

“It’s the perfect illustration of how the world works,” said another.

“Two brothers with the same name and different names, who are blind, hanging out in a posh London restaurant.”

And it’s a beautiful, simple way to show how the human spirit lives on.

“The pair’s popularity has led to comparisons to fashion designers of the past.”

It was such a fun way to celebrate blind fashion. “

How dare these guys go to an exclusive show and not be recognized for it?”

“It was such a fun way to celebrate blind fashion.

It was a brilliant moment,” said a second user.

“It’s amazing how the internet can do anything.”