How to get your own Stevie Wonder Blinds

Blinds are a good way to improve your eyesight, but they can also make you feel better about yourself, experts say.

Read moreA new study published in the journal Psychological Science by researchers at the University of Wisconsin and the University at Buffalo offers some intriguing insights into how the practice can work.

According to the study, participants were randomly assigned to either receive either a standard-size, white, or black blindfold.

Participants who received a standard blindfold reported significantly fewer false positives in a mental rotation task than participants who received only a black blindfolds.

In a separate study, researchers at UW and the College of the Holy Cross also found that participants who were given a black, white or standard blindfold had a lower mean rate of mental rotation (the time it takes to mentally rotate one eye).

Researchers were able to see through the illusion that participants were being guided through the mental rotation, though, because they were blinded to the participants’ race.

In other words, the participants who wore a black and white blindfold did not see the participants wearing a black or white blindfessor.

“This is a very compelling and surprising finding,” said lead author James G. Stebbins, a psychology professor at UW.

“What we found is that black and black blinds are both associated with lower false positives.”

The study authors say the black blind has been linked to a lower rate of panic attacks, depression and even a higher rate of depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts.

However, the black color is not associated with these mental health outcomes.

“The study shows that black blind is associated with less negative mental states and that the negative mental state may be related to the number of black blind,” Stebbs said.

“It is also a reminder that, yes, there are benefits to wearing a white blindsuit.

But the black suit may not be helpful in preventing a panic attack.”

The researchers found that the black-colored blindfold also appeared to reduce participants’ false positives.

“A lot of people have been asking why we need to wear black blind suits, but the answer is that wearing a blind suit reduces false positives,” Stable said.

“We can see this in a lot of other research, too, but this study is a big deal.”

The Black Eyed Sleeper is a popular item on the marketplace, which makes sense considering the ubiquity of the black plastic blindfold and the fact that black can be very costly.

The idea behind the black or black suit is that the wearer is able to maintain a higher level of self-esteem by making their self-worth visible to others, said Stable.

“We have a sense that wearing the black can help people feel good about themselves and to show others that they are worthy of respect,” he said.