How to Get Your Blind Dogs to Follow You

This is the only way to get your blind dogs to follow you.

I know this sounds silly and obvious, but it’s true.

You need to make sure your dogs are wearing the proper blind-tags or they’ll become confused and leave you behind.

Here’s how.


Put a leash around the dog.

If you can find a leash that has a loop to let your dogs follow you, you can place the tag under the loop to attach it to the leash.

If you can’t find a harness, you’ll have to use a dog leash.


Have the dog wear the tags.

You’ll want to give your blind dog a collar that covers both eyes.

It should be long enough that you can wear it with the tag on the back of the collar.

The tag should also be at least 1 1/2 inches wide.


Have your dog sit on the crate.

For dogs that aren’t wearing the collar, the collar should be positioned so that the dog can’t see it when it’s closed.

You’ll want your blinds to be facing you.


Get the blinds in the right order.

The dog should be wearing the blind tags in the order they should be placed on the collar when it comes time to attach the blind.


Let your blinddog walk on the leash while you hold the leash at the top of the crate with the leash loop.


If your blinddogs leash has a small loop, put it over the loop.

If not, just clip it over with a string.


You can use a leash tag to help keep the blind dogs leash together.


Put the blind dog tags on the dog as you walk away, even if you’re wearing a harness.

If the dog’s wearing the leash tags, it should remain on the same spot on the front of the blinddog’s harness, but with the collar on. 9.

When you get back to your home, remove the blinddogs harness and start putting the blind leash tag on.

The blind dog tag will be visible and easy to find.


Once you’re done, take the blind bags off and take your blind blind dog off the leash and on to the crate to get him to follow your instructions.

Follow the guide to blind dog collars for more tips.