How to be a Blind Rage Singer

By James K. Ransome, Staff WriterSeptember 14, 2018, 11:00:55A blind rage singer has become the latest celebrity to take to Twitter in the wake of a racist tweet.

Kaiji, a Chinese singer with the Chinese New Year Festival, has taken to Twitter to express his outrage over the racist tweet posted by a black woman.

The singer wrote that he was a proud and brave Chinese immigrant to the US who is now the target of racist tweets.KAIJI, the Chinese Singing Star, who has received numerous awards and has a platinum record in China, wrote that “a blind rage was posted” to his account, where the post has since been deleted.

“I was born blind and I am proud to be Chinese, but I have always been Chinese, and I always have,” Kaiji wrote in the tweet.

“This has been a hate crime, an act of oppression and discrimination,” he said.

“When I first came to America I was a white kid from a poor family.

I was born with an American accent.

I had the same dream to succeed, and so I tried to achieve it by hard work, dedication and education.”

A Chinese immigrant in the USKaiJI is the latest star to come out against racism, after the Ku Klux Klan and white supremacists made waves in recent years.

Earlier this year, rapper Snoop Dogg wrote a message of solidarity with a black man who was killed by police.

“A black man was shot dead by the police in Ferguson Missouri,” Snoop wrote.

“A black boy is killed in Baltimore.

A black man is shot in Chicago.

A man was killed in Dallas.

A woman is murdered by a white cop in Tulsa.

A white man is killed by a man in a car.”