Blinds: Home Depot blinds readers in ‘disasters’

Blinds are an important part of homes in the U.S., but not everyone is equipped to wear them safely.

Here’s how to ensure you have a safe way to view the blinds on your home.


Check the blind-spot area.

Most blinds have a central white area that’s marked in white letters on the top of the blind.

To ensure that your blinds are in the correct spot, flip over the blind and look down.

If you see a white dot on the bottom of the screen, your blind is secure.

If not, the blind is inoperable.

You can always re-check it later.


Make sure the blind isn’t blocked by furniture.

Some blinds use a thin white strip that runs along the edge of the frame.

This strip can be removed to make it easier to see the blind’s location.


Remove the plastic blinds from the frame if they’re damaged.

Some manufacturers are even putting them on hinges so that you can quickly remove them from the wall.

But if the frame is cracked, you can use the screws to fasten the blind to the wall and it should remain in place.


If the blind doesn’t appear to be inoperably, look at the window blinds.

If there’s an invisible line on the blind, there’s no chance the blind can see through the window.


Keep an eye out for the “Doorstop” blinds that come with your home automation system.

These blinds attach to your door.

They look like the “doors” in your home, but they’re blinds you can’t see.

This is a very common problem in many home automation systems.


If your blind isn.t inoperateable, re-install them.

If all else fails, you may have to go to the store to replace the blind in order to keep your home safe.

Check your blind area and replace if necessary.


Check for any problems in the wiring harness.

Some wires have the “Power” symbol stamped on them.

This symbol means that your power source is plugged into the outlet on the back of the wall where you plugged in your blind.

If this is the case, you should remove the wire from the blind immediately.

You don’t want to risk damage to the blind wires and possibly to your home security system.


If a problem arises with your wiring harness, make sure you have the correct tools for removing the wire.

If that doesn’t work, ask your service technician or electrician to take a look.

Check all wiring connections on your wiring to make sure they’re working properly.


Keep your home secure.

A strong, solid wall will keep out dangerous intruders, while strong doors and windows will protect your home from a fire.

To keep your walls, floors, and ceilings safe, make certain the blind does not block any windows, door, or entryways.


If something goes wrong, ask for help.

Call the service center or the company that installed the blind if you have questions about the blind or if you need to replace it.

Ask them if they have any plans to replace your blind or have any other issues.