Airedale’s first-ever ‘blind’ guidebook comes to market

Airedales first- ever blind guidebook is set to go on sale this summer.

The guidebook, titled Blind Gossip, is an e-book which will include a series of short stories and short stories of interest to those who have never read one.

Airedales founder and publisher Tim Mair says the book is an effort to “create a community” of people who can read books on topics they have not read before.

“There are a lot of books out there, but there’s so many more that we don’t have time for.

That’s the challenge of creating an online community that you can talk to and share your own experiences, but you can also learn from other people,” Mair said.

Mair says there are currently about 20 books on the market, but he wants to make a concerted effort to expand the selection.

“I think we’ve done the right thing.

It’s important to have a wide range of different books on offer, and to encourage people to read books that have a deeper meaning and that they can relate to.

There are many things that are lacking that make people feel like there is no room for them in the community,” he said.

While the book will be available for purchase, Airedals first-party publisher, the Londoner Group, has also created a new line of books for Airedalians, based on their interests.

The company has published books on animal welfare, climate change, and politics.

The new books, which are set to be available in April, focus on a number of topics including how to get through a crisis, how to find a new job, and how to support family members and friends.

Airingales CEO Tim Mairs said the new books will help fill in gaps that are left by other titles.

“We want to bring books that are relevant to the community, and that are accessible, so we think the books we’re releasing this year will be a step forward for what we do, but we’ll still be able to focus on what makes us unique,” he added.

Mairs says the books will be accessible to anyone who reads them.

“The books we’ll be releasing this spring are all in the same genre, so people who might have read one of our books last year, we hope that they’ll get a lot out of them,” he told CBC News.

The first book, Airdale, was published in 2015, and is a collaboration between the Airedalgies publisher and a number in the local area.

Mire said that book will go on the shelves at a later date.