A blind pig tavern in Australia, three days of blind pig blinds

A blind bar in Sydney, Australia, has become a popular spot for the blind to watch the sights, and have a drink, with a total of three days worth of blind bars now open.

The three day blind bar, opened on Monday, has since become the latest in a long line of establishments in Australia to open their doors to the blind, and the first in Sydney’s CBD to do so.

The establishment is located in the heart of the CBD, on the corner of Brunswick Street and Glebe Street, and serves as the venue for many events.

The owners of the bar have previously opened blind pubs in the past, including one in Brisbane, and this new venue, with its large glass facade, is a departure from that tradition.

“We’re a bar with an outdoor bar, it’s like an outdoor zoo,” owner John Hodge said.

“It’s a really cool place to go out and watch the sunset.”

The bar’s opening on Monday night came as the city celebrated its National Blind Day, and also as a celebration of its blind community.

“I’m hoping that the people coming here to watch our blind pig, which is the only pig in the city, will be really keen to see it,” Mr Hodge added.

“There’s so much excitement around seeing our pig, and having a drink with them.”

Mr Hodge has previously opened a blind bar on Brunswick Street, on Brunswick Road, and on Glebe Avenue, in the CBD.

The venue has been open to the public since April, and has since attracted the interest of hundreds of people, who have come to enjoy the sights of the pig and its owner.

“To have this many people come, I mean, it doesn’t even seem like it’s a big deal to me,” Mr Fogg said.

“The pig just goes around and the whole thing is so fun, and it’s just a lovely sight.”

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